Herbal Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic Treatments

We want your stay to be as relaxing as possible and to this end Walter, our Visiting Masseur is available to assist you. He practices ayurvedic treatments as follows:



Full Body Massage

Body, Head and Face massage using specially prepared ayurvedic natural therapy herbal oils. Benefits-improves blood circulation regains good muscle tone and removes tension in the body. This treatment draws the body, mind and soul into deep relaxation and harmony Cost is Rs.3000/=, Duration 1 hour 15 minutes


Head Massage (with Face, Neck & Shoulders)

Benefits-head and neck are massaged with ayurvedic oil improving blood circulation; nerve path ways in the head and neck regain flexibility; relieves tension and promotes hair growth, making hair soft and glossy. Cost is Rs.1500/- Duration 30 minutes



Special massage for feet and palms with ayurvedic natural therapy herbal oil. Benefits: increases foot strength and ability to stand continuously for long periods and overcomes hardness, roughness, tiredness and sensitivity touch. Beneficial for treating cracks in the sole, varicose veins and improves the eyesight. After foot massages, people tend to get a better night’s sleep. Cost Rs.2000/= Duration 40 minutes.


Please let us know at the office if you would like to book Walter as they need an hour’s notice to reach the Mansion.


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